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hey guys

i have generate payload with msfvenom android/meterpeter/reverse_tcp and i use my external ip, also i have forward my ip .

i execute the payload in the phone but now meterprter seesion is open.
and i didn't know how to check is the forward is done or not

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Are you talking about port forwarding? You can nmap your router to see if the port you are looking for is open. nmap -v -Pn -p $reversePort $yourRouterIP

Go to and on the "Port to check" section write the port you forwarded then click on Check port and a message will appear ,if it says success... it means you have opened that port otherwise you haven't .

yeah i have tryed this 2 methodes but the port still close

Then the problem is in your router

Could you explain a little more about what you're trying to do? If I'm understanding correctly you're trying to get a reverse meterpreter connected to the Metasploit handler behind your router? Which means you will need to configure your router to port forward.

Try canyouseeme or portfoward

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