Forum Thread: Check Out My Video Player.

hello guys this is my first post here on null-byte.
I just wanted to show my video player here( github link at the end of the article).
Its description:
works on Linux only.
is coded in bash script and html.
so it uses the html video element to run a video and only supports firefox browser currently.
all supported video types are in the description.
its not that fancy and complicated.
code is very simple.

it works like a normal player but you cant scroll like you do in windows media player.
it was primarily made for mass deployment and for view and destroy.

it was targeted for arm devices like the raspberry pi which have limited power and storage and also because I couldn't find any video player for it(excuse my bad searching skills :) ).

the best part is its not at all machine heavy and its less than 80kb!!!Very Portable.

Some things you can using this: deploy it on every computer you've hacked with some file sharing app or script or ftp and run your propaganda XD :-)

please test it, share and anybody can modify it as it is distributed under the GPL licence.
please contribute, star it, help make it better and increase its support.
comes with no warranty.
I will not be responsible if it is used for illegal purposes.

Report any bugs down in the comments or on github or mail me at,

Note: Im thinking of publishing my file sharing script which has a whopping speed of 400 mb/s but its in developmental stage. please support or suggest any additions to me on github or here in the comments.

Thank you!!

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