Forum Thread: Chromeboook Payload?

So I heard that chromebooks were pretty impossible to hack. I was just wondering if there were any of you who new if there was a payload for cromebooks.

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Depending on what software you have running on the OS. I believe there is a way to run java payloads, but again, depends on whats installed on the OS. You could try hooking it with beef.

Really not impossible to hack, but alot less development has gone into them. Not saying there is nothing for them but they are less popular than windows so less exploits

Google promised 150K USD to the first hacker to exploit a Chromebook. this will most likely attract hackers, so i'm surprised no one hasn't found a vulnerability yet, meaning that Chromebooks are really secure.


Doesn't mean that you can't or that someone hasn't yet ;)

Gah, I've got a few ideas, but the only chromebooks I have access to are the ones at school. :/ I'll try to get my teachers to let me or something...Or i'll just sit in the back lmfao.

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