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Following the many great tutorials, I know this must be a great deal of work and time consuming so many Thanks to you and all involved.

You make reference to law enforcement a multitude of times, are you or were you an employee / contractor? Or perhaps just dancing in the Gray if you will? I myself having worked in the federal and state prison system for a number of years in a professional capacity, would like to remain free of such places. It is very easy to see how one could deviate to the darker side of this however. With so many topics at hand and so many new tools on a daily basis, this is evolving much faster than I can keep up. Bottom line I want it all. Thats the OCD kicking but in reality I may only have one choice. Is it forensics, pentesting, wifi security? The future is so big :) Which of these phases would you think in your opinion be most likely to be be relevant in years to come? Taking into consideration the net neutrality issues at hand. Your opinion is held in high regard.

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Thanks! Its nice to be appreciated.

Pentesting/hacking is growing tremendously fast. Every nation is looking for skilled hackers to conduct cyber warfare and other activities.

Thank you. Glad you see it that way. We need to beef up on cyber related studies, cause yea been troubling reading about other countries training for cyber war.


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