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Hello Null-Byte

Everyday something new comes into one's mind that this should be done but things get fascinating when you come to know that its already been done....

My question is that how can one clone a cell phone as I was reading about call spoofing software and When I gazed up on its heading, It struck me like a thousand bolts of thunder.

Any help is appreciated from the depths of my heart.

Hoping to hear soon from you guys...


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I know settoolkit used to have this but it got removed :( it was called smsspoofing so maybe a quick google search could help

Thanks for the reply mate , But you misunderstood my question. To clone a cellphone is to listen to their conversations like His/Her number would be your number and Text messages would be sent to you as well, Etc...

Hope that I made my point clear.


Google Signalling System No.7 attack (SS7 Attack) This would help...

Voip Spoofing, someone would need to use kali linux and python for this and create the program as for the voip spoofing and phone cloning.

I know the government has this tech already and the hardware and they hook up the device to a persons phone based on what adapter.

The kali linux program would need to have a sort of back door cellphone chip reading adapter kinda like the cellphone carriers when you go get a new chip.

Basically just wrote the same thing twice i think.

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