Forum Thread: Clone Kali Installation to Another Pc

Greetings, null-byte. Say I have a installed luks encrypted kali on a pc, now I decide to buy a new laptop. Because a reinstallation would take long, is there a way of "cloning" my previous hard drive to the new hard drive, with all settings and updates.

Thank you

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Yep. The utility "dd" was though just for that.

It is easy as doing

dd if=/device/to/be/cloned of=/destination ms=4M

Be very careful. Once you messo up with dd, there's no going back, so be sure you know what you are doing. This physically copies the bytes of memory from one disk to another. Be VERY careful.

With DD like mentioned above there will be no progress bar or anything, just a blank prompt after you hit enter. There may be an option to give you a progress bar, but if not just wait until it gives you the end result. Depending on the size of data you're copying it can take upwards of 6 hours.

Yes, but you can relatively choose a sort of "speed" with bs.

There are actually some ways to seeDD progress.

Thank you very for the help. I shall be "very careful" I guess.

we can clone that too ? this is amazing

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