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Hey Null Byte, I was wondering, is it possible to set up a free cloud like dropbox to mine for bitcoins even when you're not connected to the cloud? If so, can someone tell me the steps to do that? Thanks a million as always!

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I'm not a dropbox user (so I can't be 100% sure), but I don't think so. Dropbox provides you with storage only, but what you need is computing power.
You would have to rent some cloud (for example from Amazon) and run Bitcoin on it.

A server is just a computer configured for use as a server. Basically just a computer. If you want access to both processing power and storage space on a server, you are basically asking for a free computer. I know that's not what your asking for but that's why your not going to find it.

You're probably better off finding or getting a used computer off Kijiji or Ebay or something and setting that up as a server for yourself, or not and just accessing it physically yourself. This costs money.. unless your lucky. My server is a computer I got for free :P

yeah, after much research, I have determined that it is a very,VERY inefficient way of mining. anyways, thanks for the comments as always.

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