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Yep you can code like a hacker too.

How you might ask, I don't have the time or the money to go back to school.

Reading the tutorials on websites take too long and I just don't understand it when reading it.

There is a solution and one that works very well. Some of you may have noticed I have not been as active here as I was. Thats because I am learning Java script. I can now do --if then else --for loops, --functions, --arrays and a bit more (and I am still only 30% done with that course), all in the last 5 days.

I want to introduce , they offer on-line class's in a number of programs including python and ruby. Unfortunately they don't offer Perl and Bash.

The biggest advantage to this site is that you actually code right there and the site will tell you what needs to be corrected to pass that lesson.

Wait, wait there is even a bigger advantage, its free.

From what I am seeing with the courses I believe that while it wont make you a hacker it will go a long way in moving you from noob skiddie (script kiddie) to intermediate skills in hacking.

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dude.. is there a website like this that teaches c++ ? ;(

I'm bored of watching tutorials on youtube.. even reading ebooks is kinda not clear (for me)

The above link works click it.

They do not offer c or c++ but they really do walk you through coding and give you the practice to code very well. I really like how you code the lesson right on the site and they will tell you if it works or not while also giving you hints on how to fix your code.

These are the class's they offer

Learn To Code

Many advanced coders have told me that once you learn one code it is much, much easier to learn another.

ooops sorry didn't read you post fully, no I don't know of one yet, But I will check around.

I wanted a website as the one listed in the topic :) It's really helpful and easy to understand from them :)

and Thanks for your help :)

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