Forum Thread: Community Projects Proof of Concept for Educational Purposes and Study Part 1 Keylogger with FUD

Call for development of a free keu logger with FUD capabilities. Most of/if ot all keyloggers on the web dont offer a FUD component and try to get you to buy their crap. All the online Gmail,Yahoo services and antivirus services will detect EXE files or warn the intended target party that there is a EXE file.

Perhaps someone with the talent could make this happen so we all could study how this works and understand the coding. and for educational purposes make it a free program. Not sure if there needs to be a relay server for such programs?

I reviewed many of the online sellers, and do not see a FUD offering. or if it does its questionable if you spend $$$$ you will never get what you pay for! These so called companies are shafting the people buying these programs.


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why don't you use metasploit there is a lot of tutorials on how to make it antivirus proof and when you infect the guy/girl you just activate the function to remember keys go drink a coffee or something and tomorrow or later that day just dump the stored data...

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