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If anyone by chance has played watch dogs do you think it will be possbile ?

the capability to control trafic lights tunnels and hack from camrea to camrea to camrea(i think is unrealistic a little bit but would it be possible)

I always wanted to create a framwork to work on my phone that could be capable of doing things a ordinary phone couldnt do...

so what do you think ?
Search up watch dogs trailer if you havent played watchdogs and want to join the discussion

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If you can hack the bean in the Windy City, you can hack anything.

Seriously though, check out OTW's article on Hacking SCADA.

You could get Kali on your phone... Sadly, it won't be like Watchdogs (I have only seen the trailer), but you can do pretty cool stuff anyways.

To walk around and see metadata flowing off people in real time 3D? Would be a bad trip for me and eyeballs imploding.
Monitoring & Tracking Cell: St*****y and does this.(Not for us)
Traffic Lights, Signs etc.: Already being/been done.
Cameras: We have guides here for this. (I think)
Cell Hacking: One of the Cell kits
Car Hacking(the way he is): Uh, Wait What?

The speed and autopwness of his gear, I don't think so anytime soon. Maybe in other circles, they have something. Or you are a Bruce Wayne kind of person..

The laws being passed I'm pretty sure we will never see this kind of tech anywhere close tho the public.

Lets see:
Cell Phone Hacking, Yes.
Traffic Light Hacking, Yes.
Camera Hacking, Yes.
Real-Time Car Hacking, Yes.
Blackouts, Maybe.
Jamming Devices, Yes.
Door Hacking, Yes.
NFC/RFID Hacking, Yes. (Even Though it's not in the game.)

Thats all I could think of, though-out playing watch dogs.

I know if all possible but I'm talking about the interface
Being able to do it from a click of a button

I doubt any of you have played watch dogs and saw how the hacks are done...
Fun game I want to be like Aiden Pearce

That'd make no sense. How would you choose which hack to use.

Jokes apart, that speed is physically impossible to reach, and anybody would think that a smart city is that risky... is that?

i guess, if you designed your own ai, and os, it could/might be possiable. idk.

Why are people scared to make technological changes - cars to run by themselves, locks changed into complicated keypads, and even a ctOS - an entire OS with everybody ever?

Because it can be hacked.

If you ever read the Buffer Overflows series by Null Byte, you could understand that anything software, or OS based, needs update .

People are smart. Hackers can create fake updates, or write exploits in order to attack software. You can see how to attach a payload to a pdf which can open a meterpreter shell as long as the victim has Adobe Reader XI.

Let's say in the distant future, there is a CarOS. Automatic driving. Great for the elderly. One day, a hacker sends an "update" to a victim, who, says "Hey, let's update our CarOS system!" and hits update. Little did he know, the hacker now has control of his wheel.

So the answer to your question: Possibly not. If you played Watch Dogs, you can see how Aiden does some pretty unrealistic things with just his phone. From changing traffic lights, hacking cams, etc. People know the disadvantages of technology. They understand with great technology, comes malicious hackers and exploits.

Well, technically Shellshock has already affected some cars.

I doubt that traffic lights are run on wireless connective systems, it's probably hard wired, meaning that you can't hack them with a phone.

Watch_Dogs has a romanticised depiction of hacking, I like to call it Hollywood hacking. It's not realistic in any sense of the word.

I see a few problems, the first one namely being remaining in the system without the army of highly trained security engineers weeding you out and leaving you in the cold. With how flamboyantly you 'hack' everything in sight, they will absolutely know the ctOS is compromised and do everything in their power to get you out and patch the systems.

The other issue I see is why civilian cars are connected to and being controlled by the ctOS. It makes no sense at all that privately owned vehicles are controlled by what is essentially government property.

As for the interface? Looks cool and all, but a far cry from the real thing. Okay game, unlikable protagonist, but depicts hackers in a cooler light which I enjoy.


Indeed. The origami polygon visual is far from realistic. The only things I have seen that are somewhat realistic are in some cut scenes when I see things like "mkdir" and actual linux commands. Other than that, go home hacking you're drunk.

"Hollywood Hacking" is all to stereotypical today. It's why so many people are afraid... but then again, sometimes newbies aren't anything to be afraid of.

Image via

That's really it.

How do you think someone would blackout the whole city ?

Without being traced

Two of my favorite mobile framework for hacking are dSploit and zANTI. Check them out. You'll need a rooted android phone fyi

Yeah, but all they can really do is scan ports and do MitM (not that MitM isn't awesome). Installing Kali onto Android is much better... just too bad we don't have any of those tutorials anymore...

my MITM attack on kali linux rarely works for some reason. I'm going to switch my phone to an android so I can finally pull of this attack.

@crackerhacker Nethunter can do everything kali can do ?

you connect with SSH(or VNC i think idk if its possible) and use all the tools you would use on a regular kali installed laptop

Also nethunter can do much more MANA attack BadUSB attacks and 2015 updare and HTTP backdoor which i look forward to testing

Yes, NetHunter is good (it still doesn't have everything, though). It just includes the most important tools.

Yh im planning to get Nethunter really excited for it
Have you tried Dsploit i want to get Dsploit with nethunter on my nexus
But is it good have you come across any recurrin errors

Only one: I can't get it to grab the exploit database... which means all it can do is port scanning and MitM. Pairing it with NetHunter? I don't think you really need to, but you can.

Not pairing i meant installing nethunter and dsploit on the same device

and zanti came out a new version of dsploit theres much more from the looks of it session hijacking and getting decrypted data from a device browser and maybe more :)

I looked at zANTI, but it seems to have too many problems--at least for me.

I have real problems on large networks with the zANTI MITM attacks, in the end I just uninstalled. For anyone here who has a Nexus 5, the Pwnphone is perfect. It runs around 100 tools that you get on Kali, from Metasploit and SET to ettercap, nmap, sqlmap and so on. This is as close to watchdogs as it kinda gets, given that it gives you all the tools there are at your disposal, with the functionality of a phone.

Looks really cool to me since its simpler than SSH into kali and running cammands
I will definetly try it

Mizanhur, simpler isn't always better.

True but for a beginner it's less daunting
I will try both
Btw do you know how to do mitm session hi jacking on Kali Linux ?? I could use some help with it

i think use shodan and some programming knowlege of making apk ......
may be work like cctv,adb,carhacking (telnet)........
extire blackout city ... (it can't be ....<for now>).... :)

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