Forum Thread: How to Configure My Right Click and Internet Browser in BLACKARCH ???

I wanted to know if there are some who have the habit of using BLACKARCH LINUX ???
If so, tell me please:

1 - How to configure Web browsers to Blackarch (Firefox and Opera) so it supports internet connection because I can not connect to the Internet with the browser when I'm on Blackarch but I noticed that it is easy for me to connect to the internet when I'm under Kali but I really want to use BlackArch because it is an OS that interested me ???

So according to you, how to configure Firefox or Opera BlackArch in Linux so it supports the internet ???

2 - Still in Blackarch Linux, I would like to know why "The Right Click of my Mouse" does not work ???

In fact, I typed the command "ifconfig" and I want to copy my IP address to be displayed near "Ifconfig" but unfortunately I can not copy it when I do "Right Click" the mouse of my computer.

So tell me how Enable "Click my right mouse" function to display the functions "Copy, Paste, Select All, etc ..." ???

If not, tell me, how to copy, paste on BlackArch Linux ???

Thank you to explain.

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2 Responses

I don't know how to fix it so you can right click, but hold down your left touch pad and hover the mouse over what you want so it's high lighted. Once you high lighted the word press CTRL-c and then use CTRL-v to paste.

The same works in a pseudo terminal, but not a tty unless a graphical session is not running.

for internet, type 'wifi-menu' in the terminal. For the rest, here is a homework assignment for you: Find out what window manager you are using. BlackArch is for advanced users, so you can chose two paths: Either become an advanced user the hard way, or step back to a more user friendly distro.

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