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Hello guys.I install arch.Everything is ....good.I want to customize it.I find a theme online but i dont know how to install it or how to install conky-manager.Same with Steam.

I already looked online and i didnt find help and i didnt understand the wiki either.

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apt-get install conky
Then alt+F2 to open run menu type conky hit enter.

open file explorer in root hit Ctrl +H to un hide folders and look for./conkyrc open it, open the config file in gedit and edit away.

As far as conky manager you can install it and it will work but it is broken and will fux you updates with a stop error on a broken conky-manager package. So you will have to write back saying you want me to show you how to break your installation slightly/extremely . Fixed by running apt-get install -f / maybe not.

BTW this is off the top of my head so names may be off slightly.

Well sorry, he didn't mention anything about it in this thread.

I found conky.conf.Is this conkyrc?There i should put my theme or whatever is called?

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