Forum Thread: How to Convert .Bat (Payload) To .Exe in Linux?

Hello all

I'm using Ubuntu
I need to convert .bat paylaod to .exe
I know that in windows I can do it, but I need in linux
Can gcc make it?

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With WiNE, you can run Win Software

Yes I know , actually I made it ,
But I want to make auto script to generate undetected payload
So that's why I'm looking for other way to convert.
Thanks anyway.

Maybe try something with Msfvenom?

GCC is a C compiler, not a batch file to executable converter. If you're looking for a payload, why not just execute the batch script on their computer? It doesn't matter whether it's a batch file, an exe file, hell, an mp3 file, if it's executable, it can be a payload.

You didn't understand what I want , I need to pass the payload throw many types of extensions so then it will be more undetectable , like we know that the best way to make it perfect is to make it using C language then converting , because I tried and I found that converting from .bat to .exe is making it more undetectable , then just .bat !!

I haven't tried, but this is probably only possible on windows. You can try running Bat2Exe under wine, but I'm doubtful it'll work.

Why can't you just use a Windows VM? Microsoft has them for free, and since both .bat and .exe files are for Windows, Wine is the only thing that has a chance of working (besides this).

Bat To Exe Converter v3.0.8 works fine using wine.

Can You give the link of this software buddy ?

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