Forum Thread: How Could They Live Copy My Site?

Hi, I Have site : zone-telechargement .eu and it is directly copied to another sites by someone.
How they can do this??
The site who live copy mi site:
mastermichaelwolf . com
meraude .com
waiting your help, I witch you nice day.

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You can use setoolkit. In Kali, it's already installed. In Mac OS X or any other Linux/UNIX version, you can type:

git clone

or go to and click clone or download and then download as ZIP. Extract the file and run . If you have brew installed on a Mac I think you can run:

brew install setoolkit

When in SET, select:

1) Social Engineering Attacks

Next, choose:

2) Website attack vendors

Now, select:

3) Credential Harvester Attack Method

It should then run a simple and easy script to clone a site.

You may also be able to just press Ctrl + S in your web browser and it may save the site to your hard drive.

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