Forum Thread: Couple of Questions Based on Articles Here

So, I have read couple of articles on Null Byte and I have some questions to it (maybe some will be stupid but i really want to know what do you think).

  1. is question about staying anonymous on internet by using proxies...for example
  2. is question about TOR
  3. is question about ProtonMail


  1. If are these proxies free, also the other users are able to use them. Is here any way that they can add some bad script (sorry for this... question like an baby:D)? So i will be in danger?

And also I know there is some other way to setup my proxies in kali. It is in the right top banner. Is this ok or the method you used in tutorial was the only one and best. If I will set up my proxies in top right banner i don't need to run each program by typing in to the command, do I?

  1. When I will be already running proxies I can still use TOR, right? Is this safe?

And should I run TOR by typing proxychains in to the command?

  1. And last... also very stupid :). Is here some way how to get an email adress on ProtonMail without an telephone number?

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5 Responses

1) Yes, whoever run (or compromise) the proxy might add a malicious script to it. There are ways to check it, if it blindly targets anyone/any site. But targeted attacks will be harder to detect.

Also, each (but not every) program that uses the network, can be configured to connect to the proxy configured in your system, or a custom one. If you are in doubt, check services like that will return your address.

2) If you first connect to a proxy, and then to TOR, proxy will be able to read your traffic. I would not trust that scenario. Adding a weak link in the security chain is not a good idea. If you REALLY trust your VPN provider with your life, you can VPN => TOR. Don't know what you're up to, but if you use tor in the right way, you are quite safe (despite there are many arguments that you're not safe anymore). If you're planning really bad stuff, they'll come after you in one way or another.

3) Don't know about this... haven't registered yet.

  1. Have you tried buying a burner phone and using the number from that?


You don't need a phone number to get protonmail.

I didn't know, I've never registered.


Thank you guys. I do know everything what I need fo now.. And I am not planning any bad stuff... I am just little bit paranoid.

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