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Question 1
Can I factory reset an android to which I have a payload installed??

Question 2
Does a factory reset make it unable to track me??

Question 3
Can I format a whole pc (any os)to which I have payload installed??

Question 4
Will formatting the pc make it unable to track me??

Question 5
How do botnets survive?? Arent they tracked easily from ip??

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Regarding 3 and 4 -- you can format hard drives from the command line, sure. But if you're so messy that you need to format an entire OS just to cover your tracks, you should probably work on your technique.

And, again - depending how messy your are - it's still possible to recover files from a formatted drive. So if you plop down a big file that points directly to you and a forensic investigator comes along looking for signs of hacking... you'll probably still be screwed.


the best way to stay hidden is to simply don't make any noise on the target system. with a bit of luck, your hack will never even be noticed and you don't even need to cover your tracks.

so yeah, factory reseting a phone you have root access to is a VERY BAD idea! and even then, you can still easily be tracked back. same with PC's.

just try to delete all the tracks you made. clear the logs that show your activity (not ALL the logs, as that would alert the sysadmin), the registry keys that involve anything you did, your command history on the system, etc...


Where can I find those logs??
And also... my last question??

I have never really looked into it, but I know that some hide their real IP through the use of TOR and presumably a VPN as well.

And the logs...??

Question 2 - Normaly you can check your track on the google page, if you desable the google account on your smart phone or if you desable the tracking/sharing location option, it will stop tracking (they say so but being reality is a different thing)

Question 4 - Normal formating will not cover your tracks, ever. For experience I can assure you that with a reasonable data recovery software you can recover even data/files that you erase five month ago (or even more) easely. The trick is you need to rewrite several (and I ment a lot) the place on your especific data was. There are some usefull software for that, check it out.


Very true. Commercial software can recover "deleted" data extremely easily (a few clicks) unless you write over it with many passes.

And how do I write over many passes??

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