Forum Thread: How to Crack 9 Digits Pin of Sagem-3304v2

Hi guys .
Is there any way or script to crack a pin of 9 digits . Neither reaver nor bully support 9 digits cracking ?

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im not sure to clearly understand the question but if your looking to crack a 9 pin it is actually a pretty simple thing to do.

First generate a wordlist containing all existing combination that hold 9 digit 0-9 it that what you want. If you dont want to generate yourself you can probly find an existing one also, (John The Ripper) Sources Wordlist probly have one or use #: Crunch (Linux) to create it

should look like something like that:


Etc.etc where % means randomize.

Once you got you Wordlist (Personnally i believe for a simple 9 digit cracking The Dictionary Forcing would be the Optimal method.

So once you got your Digit.list, Youl be good to Start Proceeding.

First, cracking a 9 digit pin...It really need information in your request, Depend on the services,Domain,Website, application itself wtvr you'l have to find a Login protocol A.K.A the Auth server adresse to determine wich tools gonna be more settled for the job.

Here a simple exemple using Hydra:

hydra #Target #Proto -s#Port -P#pass.txt -L#users.txt


#Target:\ Is the IP adresse or the Host/Domaine adresse A.K.A: ( hydra >>Is Gmail server || 193.%%.%%%.%% >> The Server IP ) Provide one or the other

#Proto:\ Is the Auth Protocol a.k.a smtp=outgoing mail || ssh2=Auth ssh >>etcetc
#Port:\ is the port used to proceed to the attack >80 for html || 465 for smtp >>etcetc
#pass.txt:\ Here you type the directory to your previously generated Wordlist i.e: /home/usr/desktop/9digit.list
#user.txt:\ would be for user:pass auth adding a directory to a username.list (not your case actually)

Best Regards!

Ah! i see! you means cracking a Sagem-3304v2 Rooter,, sorry for misunderstanding.

Are you trying to crack the rooter or the sources?

Start with Deep Port Scan first use -nmap , wireshark, to get the first info about openport / error / connection / block / Reply 200? / youl have something to start with

Sorry for being too late . i got what u said but i meant wps pin cracking not service cracking
As you see in the pic below. i have the pin number but it's uncrackable :

i read that this version of router uses 9 digits pin instead of 8. so neither reaver nor bully can be useful in such as case.

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