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I have a problem. I got WiFi router, but I can't access admin page. My ISP changed default password and probably username, and he don't want to give it to me. I know I can just recover to factory settings, but he told me that I will lose guaranty, so I want to crack it. I want to use Hydra, but it only cracks password and not username. So, is there any way to crack username too?

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Yup, I read this article before, but here author uses login "admin" and cracks password. I need to crack both username and password to access admin page of my router.

That might take a long time. Did you try ncrack?

I'm aware of that, but I have plenty of time ;) Could you explain it? I searched ncrack man page but I can't find anything about brute forcing (Only using passwords and usernames from file).

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