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let's talk about facts, I know there are tons of ways to catch a hacker but what about a virus 'creator' / 'author', is it possible for them to get caught?

and I wanna clarify if it is really possible that you can upload a virus if anyone just simply visits your site, well how is it possible?, can you use php and say that " if someone visits this site upload this file to the victim's PC without him/her knowing " ?


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By tracing your IP, you said it is YOUR site. And when you upload the virus, there should be your IP.... The computer's IP connects with the site, then uploads the virus, so they can catch you. You might ask, what if I use VPN? It will not work, VPN companys has to show the IP of yours when investigating. So if you did something a bit bad, there are lazy so they will pass it, but if it is serious, they will take it serious.

lol so don't do something bad :P

Real hacker is a creator of his malicious program, and those hackers often get busted because they fail to cover their tracks. You can bust a hacker in many ways, one of those ways is reverse engineering the malicious software (e.g. virus).

Compromising the C&C server
Finding the IP connecting to it
Finding the host (VPN/VPS company) of the IP
Asking or getting a warrant to search the logs to find the malware makers real IP
Asking the ISP of the real IP for the details of that IP owner (name, address etc)
Bustin yo door down
That would be my guess.

Also I'm sure the authorities would ask sites that have your true identity (Social media) to search their databases for the fake IP and tell them what details come up.

well what is I create my website in a computer shop? and upload the virus there? do you think it would be better than VPN?

By computer shop do you mean internet cafe? There could and probably will be someone or someone monitoring the traffic on their internet and if there isn't, if you're not using a VPN/Proxy, or it doesn't protect you well, the authorities will contact the shop and ask who came in at a certain time, look at the traffic at that certain time and look at CCTV footage.

If you're doing anything illegal you should always do it from a different location (internet cafe, McDonalds etc) but you should still use TOR/proxies/VPN/VPS. You should use every little bit of extra anonymity you can. You should also regularly change your MAC address so they can't get a solid profile on your computer.

If you wanted to be extra anonymous, you could use your infected computers to host the website

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