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Before I start, I would like to notify I am not using this for criminal activity, I am using this for getting my accounts back and general white hat use, I would like to know, how you crack accounts such as forum accounts, mine craft accounts and any accounts in general. Any help?

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well there are many password crackers and methods but they get into 2 majors

offline or online i would recommend offline cracking since its faster and safer.but for both you have to have wordlist for it and wordlist you could get them online by sites like crackstation or make it by your self by infos you have from target for offline cracking you have to have hash of it which cause you to hack database of that website ( which you cant :D if that site sec is good) and online you have to make very well crafted wordlist of that target and use it ( less than 100 word) and for tools you can use hydra for online cracking and john for offline.

For the kinds of stuff you are searching for, I recomend checking out OTW an Phoenix guides.
And a quick introduction:

If by crack you mean break without any owner interaction or social engineering/ malware to aid you in dumping their password the best tool to use is Burp suite and a dictionary or a brute force attack(Hydra). However, this method should be your last choice since dictionary attacks don't give you a chance at random letter-number strong passwords and bruteforcing is almost a 100% chance for success, If you have time to wait for years. Hence this is not really recommended. The easier way to do it is to hack in your system by exploiting a vulnerability and injecting a form of payload. Preferably meterpreter since it gives you the most options including the easiest way to get the passwords you seek. For a more detailed explanation, check out the guides I mentioned. Good Luck. Ne-py

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