Forum Thread: Cracking Passwords - Help?

Hey all,
Null-Byte is my favorite place on the internet at the moment.
This is my first post here - but I have a question:

So, say I've captured a handshake from my wireless network, and I've got this one giant wordlist that I like using.
However, the SSID of the network is (ex:) jamesandcarol3, and 'carol3' features in the wordlist.

When I'm trying to crack it, some part of the SSID is picked up and the password shows up as 'carol3' (which isn't the password, I've tried).

Now the obvious thing to do would be to remove it from the wordlist - but the .txt file is so large that opening it takes about 4 hours and when I try to save any changes, it crashes my computer.

So removing the word isn't an option.
I also don't have access to a beefy enough computer.

Is there an option is cowpatty or aircrack(-ng) or some other generic tool that finds as many matching passwords as it can (instead of stopping at the first match)? I think this would be really handy in a lot of cases.

Sorry if my question isn't very clear.
Thanks in advance!

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