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Step 1: I Have Been Learning Ethical Hacking from the Past Six Months and I Am Proud to Say That My Primary Source of Knowledge Is Null Byte.Cant Be More Thankful

Null byte has been a great source of knowledge regarding ethical hacking and the tutorials have been marvelous.Recently i tried dictionary attacks on my wpa 2 encrypted router but i found that cracking wps pin is a more effective method to get wpa2 pass phrase.The problem is that every time i use reaver or bully for this purpose,the wps locks out after 3 or 4 pins.I have tried adding delays of upto 350 seconds on each pin but still wps is locked.I even tried wps pixie dust attack by modifying reaver but that too failed to give me the wps pin.Please tell me an effective method to crack wps pin.Your help will be highly appreciated.Regards.Asad Ahmad

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You can dos the router to temporarily disable wps lockout..Check This Out.

If that doesnt work.. it could be that the wps lockout is just connected to your mac..
You could try varmacreaver
Or you could use this bash script...

If both of em fail.. then the manufacturer is gooood and you cant do wps with the router!!

These were the top result on google haha .. try it on your own!!

I think that a log would be useful, can we have a pastebin?

And welcome to Null Byte! Don't know why someone down voted you, there are actually a lot of strange errors not easy to understand coming from reaver and bully... it probably relies on your card or the AP so I think it won't be solved, but let's find out where does it come from, so you can strenghten the security of your AP properly.

Se7enPeace I appreciate your advise but i already tried mdk3.Flooding the ap did work on my freind's router but it was ineffective against my own router so its a no go.Trust me,i started this thread only when i ran out of all options.Thanks again for your advise

Did you try the macchanger thingy??

Ciuffy.thankyou for your support.I believe that there must be a vulnerability against this encryption.i dont believe that it is unbreakable.Keep looking for new scripts.First we will have to penetrate through this security,after that we will strengthen it.

Se7enPeace.The wps lockout does not happen against a specific mac address,im sure of that because i have tried it before.I'm gonna try RevdK3.sh1 script today.Hope it works.I request that you keep looking for valid solutions

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