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Hello guys,
in these days i'm trying to build some fake access point just for fun.
I've read almost all the article on the googles firsts page of relative researchs.

In the end i managed to create a fake Access point via airbase or hostapd and use hdcp with dhcpd or isc-dhcp. I created a script, everything works fine and i can connect using my phone to the open network hosted by my computer wich is connected to my real ap.

There is just one thing i can't manage to do, i would like to create a login page for my fake ap. Searching on the internet i found that this procedure should be called captive portal (sorry if i'm mistaken) and every one just say that you need to spoof dns and redirect to your server, but this is not convinient because for https request this will not work, and anyway i've no controll on user, i would like to autenticate them (using a servlet hosted on the fake ap's computer) and then allow them to navigate.

I've seen some public wifi that automaticaly show you the access page without any research, just when you try to connect. (If you want an example just try wifiphisher using option 4, once you connect to the fake ap a fake login page appear asking for credentials)

Is there any method/command-line tool that can help me accomplish this job?


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? Edit the index.html file of the server you are hosting, however if you don't know HTML, clone /fluxion and use the template provided in the sites folder as index.html as per req.

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