Forum Thread: Create Wordlist with all combinations of certain words


How do I create a wordlist with all combinations of choosen words. For exemple i choose the words aa, bb and 11. How iI create a wordlist with all combinations of these words. What program to use?

Thanks in advance

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Use crunch. It comes pre-installed with Kali Linux.
Its been a long time since I used it.
But it will be something like aabb11@@@
(where @ represents the letters/digits generated sequentially as per your command)

I want for example aabb11,11aabb,bbaa11,etc. .

That's it?

Nope, that was just a rough example I scavenged from the forgetful nooks and corners of my brain.
Google 'Crunch Kali Linux'.

Thanks @man wuzi...

I also don't like crunch :)

WARNING: Crunch eats Petra Bytes of space.
(Just felt like making a Warning in all caps.)

You welcome. I hope that's what you looking for

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