Forum Thread: Creating a Custom Word-List with Crunch

how to create a custom word-list in crunch that if I typed in apple it would give out a list containing apple in the right order. For example:

my suggested words are apple shark 123.
how will it give a result like appleshark123
apple123shark etc?

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4 Responses

You can look into CUPP tutorials to build your own password list using words.

You should see this if you want to use crunch.


Is it possible to create a wordlist if you know one word? Example: I know that the word S@nny is in a password that is 10-12 characters long. I don't know the position of the word. (Beginning, middle,...)

The program should then create a wordlist based on that one phrase (it should stay in the same order) For example: S@nnyAn2$2, 1+@S@nny7As, sjS@nnybs8. Is there a function in crunch or another program to do that?

Greetings Mathis

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