Forum Thread: Creating a Live Disk of My Installation??

Hello fellow Null-Bytians. I'm here with yet another question (yes, I know, we're getting quite tired with them). But however, I'm here to ask how on earth can I create a live disk ISO from my current Kali Linux installation? The only reason I haven't tried this myself yet is because I know that it's possible for me to screw up my entire install, and since I'm not running it on a VM, I can't roll it back.

I've recently went out and bought a 64GB Flash Drive. This flash drive has far more memory than my laptop does. (laptop has 45GB HDD) So, now that I've got my Kali Linux Installation on my laptop all customized, I don't want to go through all that customization again. I need to know how to turn it into a live disk (ISO file) so I can install it into my Flash drive and give it Persistence. Any help is appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!

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My god your laptop has 45 gb hdd!!

Well you can dd your laptop to the flashdrive then... that should work just fine..

He's looking for a live ISO distribution. If you just copy everything is on a HD installition to an ISO, I doubt it is going to work, because of compatibility issues, not totally sure though.

Are you looking for something like this, but different?

Yea, 45 GB was quite a lot back in 03. Yea Cuiffy, that's what i'm looking for, but what i'm wanting is to just copy over instead of configuring the packages to be installed. However, I don't see a possible way to do this, so I'm probably just gonna end up doing a basic kali persistance drive and then just customize it from there.

From what I know, I dont think this is possible unless you find some sort of backup utility or something but otherwise you just gotta get a fresh install on a USB

Okay. :) Well, I guess it's clear what I need to do then. Thank you everybody for the help!! (I'll wait until tomorrow to do the fresh kali install in case anybody has anything to add)

I was relaxing and I had a theory supposing you created a usb live then replaced its contents with ur hdd stuff, that might work.

Another thing try messaging the great teacher occupytheweb, he might be able to help.

I believe you can do this with DD, as se7en suggested. Something like
dd if=/dev/sda of=/someiso.iso

Alternatively we could use;
mkisofs -o /someiso.iso /

Which would create someiso.iso of everything in the root (/) directory. Unsure if this is recursive but I would assume so, and if not there should be a switch for that.

Good luck

I am absolutely right.. you can do it with the dd command...
But you have to negate me out...

I have backups of my Kali USB.I boot my windows OS, download Win32DiskImager, insert my kali usb, Windows will ask to format, Just ignore.Open Win32DiskImager.Select the Kali drive letter and click Read, You then select the output file type ( .iso, .img ), mine was kali-backup.iso. Let it do it's job. If you want to copy back the backup to the usb, Open Win32DiskImager and select the backup file, select the drive letter and click Write.

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