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Rather than generating terabytes of information is there a way to pipe output from crunch to a tool like burpsuite or hydra?

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I was thinking someone can write a script that causes it does operation cruch while that of facebook script / cracker

you understand a little bit what I mean. zegmaar that if a word is generated at which it is tested and if it is not that it is being removed on the spot. what kind of popcorn time doing.

You mean like make another tool uses crunch output without making it take space? Yes i think that is possible, and i saw it somewhere but i dont remember how, let's wait for OTW or Phoenix or one of the guys to come and help

I'd have crunch output the wordlist into a temp file, have your cracking program read it, and somehow clear it every so often. I'm probably overcomplicating things.

Yeah probably thats how it should be done, or make crunch directly send a certain number of passwords per seconds to the tool without saving them

the big problem of crunch is that its need to much space

I'm sure you can write a simple BASH script to accomplish this.

Hydra can already generate passwords. See here. Other programs like aircrack can be used with a pipe. Not sure why you want to use it burpsuite. Other custom scripts to bruteforce i.e. facebook could be adapted to receive input from it.

Crunch? Why not pipe jtr and have the ability to resume sessions? If you like that, the answer is in one of the wps comment sections about piping to aircrack.

and if you want to use it for script

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