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I'm looking for a tool, preferably on the web, to transmit password.

a simple tool or website with an autentification (not a mail)... to send information like password. the message need to be crypted.

If the tool is free and opensource, that's even better.
And if we can log on with LDAP that's the most beautiful thing that can exist but this is not the most important thing.

thank's in advance

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Huh ? No understanding.

Take a look at Cryptocat, an online encrypted messenger which I happen to use very often.


Thank you! This is what I looked for.

The only problem is that everybody can join every chat. But it's open source so we can maybe change that. And the "chat" aspect is not really what I need. I need more something like a cloud, like dropbox, where you can chose who can read your file

I think you will like this. Could be exactly what you are looking for, and it is open source.


Thank's a lot!
Both solutions are good, in different way
You're really helping me!

Wow. Coded in Common Lisp... One of the more awesome languages ever!.

Protonmail, Frebruary 18th.

I thought of it, but you need a protonmail account., I need a tool where you don't need to register.
I need something more open, more simple (not a mail).

I don't know if this is what you want, but I personally use Wickr, Cyber Dust, and have the paid Threema in wish list. There are a few more, but I find Wickr to work best, and it's cross-platform.

-The Joker

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