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Hey Guys,i've got some question to ask
we use crunch or cupp to generate wordlist,right..
my question is,how to make a wordlist that dont mess our word,

example : i want to make a wordlist with "ghina" word and add some numbers like 123,how to make the word still "ghina" and dont turn to "ghani.or ghnai" but the number change every word list,like:


maybe my english not very well but hope you guys came to help :)

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3 Responses

Something like this ?

crunch 8 8 -t ghina%%%

(from man page, look at the -t flag, that's what you're looking for)

well done,thnks for help

@ TRIPHAT would -t also work if i wanted to add special characters and numbers to normal password?

For example i have Kain123 how would i eventually get a password that looks like this K@I^123*

-Thank You

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