Forum Thread: DDOS Computer IP Address/Default Gateway IP Address.

Hello guys, How are you?

Uhm.. Is there a way to ddos my friend's internet? so it become slow or something? not his computer, his internet.

I searched internet and all I've found is about how to ddos/dos a website..

and I dont want to dos a website..

if it doesnt matter if it was a website or internet ip address, just tell me the way to do it.. I want to know make it effective...

Thanks in forward :)

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Just send a flood of packets from nmap or hping.

I recommend to try something new before asking or try search on Null-byte.

I got few ideas, I don't care if you want to DDOS his/her pc or internet but whatever... here is terminal commands if you use kali linux:

"hping3 -c 10000 -d 120 -S -w 64 -p 80 --flood --rand-source"
-c = packet count to send(remove for unlimited)
-d = Size of each packet
-S = SYN packets only(Can be removed)
-w = TCP window size
-p = Destination port
--flood = Send huge flood of packets fastest as possible
--rand-source = Spoof a random source IP = Target IP

Slowloris(You wanted to slow down your target internet, here it is):
You need to download slowloris first, use google;

"./Slowloris -dns"
./ = execute a file(Slowloris)
-dns = Specify your target(dns) = Your target.

And there is bunch of more tools to use! Just explore.

you are gonna get the kid in jail hahahaha

and kid you cant slow down his internet with just one pc(his provider has thousands of users every day he can handle a lot of traffic

Ivan Knezovic:

You're thinking about the problem the wrong way round. Don't try to choke up the bandwidth at the source, choke it up at the destination.

Routers are a prime target; they often have firmware that's 3-4 years old and unsupported. Exploits are easy to find.

Not to mention the easiest way of just sending thousands of packets at once.


Also, it might be helpful to read a little bit about denial of service attack. What you asked about ddos, is a "DISTRIBUTED Denial of Service Attack" The distributed implies the use of more than one source to emit your packets. Whilst what you need is just a DOS attack. Of course a DDOS if well executed is uncomparable in scale and power with a DOS but for slowing one personal connexion its more than enough.

In fact, if you just want to "slow" his connexion, just sending a huge amount of ping request should do it. If you want more, NEO555's suggestion of using slowloris is a really good one

yea i was thinking he wanted to kill the provider and not the users access to the web sorry, then the router way could work,some routers can even be accessed from the outside (hacks that let you get user name and password just by adding text after the ip address of the router) and then you can just mess up his settings soo he looses connection

wait..., you want to kill the friend's ISP or bring down his machine? If you meant the first one, forget about it. Launching a DDoS attack on a server is already difficult because of the technician always stare at the traffic monitor for suspicious activity like DDoS-es. CloudFlare did suffer a 65Gbps DDoS and managed to hold on. Check it out here. If you go with the second one, well, google first. There are plenty of techniques to go with. hping, hping3, nmap, slowloris, blah blah blah. My theory: if target has Facebook and luckily you have one, put on a chat with him and try to make him click on a script which will get you his IP, and use whatever (i don't care) to bring him down. But whatever you do, at least you must know whether his OS is full of exploit (cracked Windows have plenty) or fully patched. If full of exploit, that's a go for you. Next, try different methods, don't stick with only one because if you DDoS again, you will face a different system with a different setup. FInally, check:

  1. Whether you are famous in Safenet database. If you are famous, don't . Wait until things cool down then start. Once you are done, shut your machine down immidiately (Help to not get caught by the Feds
  2. Your ISP IP lease. Once the lease expired, go back online but NO hacking and DDoS. Wait two weeks to a month for the cooldown then again (but milder)

For your own safety

  1. spend cash for bigger bandwith, more high-end PC and a better router. That should give you a better chance to counter a DDoS
  2. Learn about DDoS methods and counter methods.

PS. Still a noob so there would be a lot of mistakes, but I would be thankful if you guys could correct them for me(still learning about hacking)

IS 232.875.95 somone ddos this i.p

Dude. IPv4 addresses have 4 octets, not 3. And they only range from 0-255.

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