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Ok, so i have the fundamentals of C programming and i'm starting to dig deeper, also i'm learning C++. I want to use debuggers, since it's a very important tool and i am willing to learn assembly(x86).

my question: 1-) Is it mandatory to learn assembly language, in order to use debuggers?

2-) Can you guys share with me some sources where i can learn the art of debugging and debuggers?

i found a very interesting book "The art of debugging(gdb, ddd , eclipse) - no starch press" , but i want more sources(books, links, etc...) anything that helps me. This topic is not as popular as learning some programming language.

i really want to learn how to use Ollydbg to see how my code works.

Thank you in advance!


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Welk to start right away you can learn assembly if you want but you can also debug with other, easier languages

Give a look at this. It's a little series I've been running on the subject. But if you'd like to study it seriosuly, take a look at the references section, I listed the most famous guides on the internet about the topic.

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