Forum Thread: Deciding on Sharing Other Articles Here

I have recently contributed to Nullbyte by sharing one of my learned skill of finding hacked account online. Along with this, I also know and sometimes use other methods to access such information. I do not have any evil plans like ransom, blackmail, theft, dox etc. but if such information is shared someone might use it in a wrong way. And I do not want it to be applied for wrong reasons.

Even though I fell like sharing my learning with the community here, my conscious stops me from doing that. So here is my questions for other publishers: What do you think about this? Any help appreciated.

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3 Responses

it's not your fault if you have knowledge handing it should uigedeelt teworden maaar if someone try to blackhat it's his fault, not yours

I think you should share but have your intentions written at the intro, so that if someone dies use it for the bad it's not on you

Teach it in an educational way. Anything people do with it is their fault. Kinda like someone teaching self defense, they teach it for good but it doesn't mean people wouldn't abuse it sometimes.

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