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So this is my senior year at Minot State University as a Computer Science major and I was a little disappointed that our department didn't have an official CS Club. A few of us decided to get together and start this. One of the ideas that we had for fun things for our club to do was to set up a dedicated server for hacking. We'd have a point system of sorts and at the end of the semester, the person with the most points wins a gift card or something like that. Something similar to but on our own server, hosted off the schools grounds so that we don't get into any trouble. The purpose is to educate ourselves on security and find out ways to prevent attacks. Ethical hacking, if you will. One of the requirements for getting your hack ranked, is that you provide a fix for it as well. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips or if anyone knows where we could find a sample website and database so we don't have to go and build our own.

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Ever heard of

Yup! Heard of it, been there, done it. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas. We wanted to practice these things taught there on our own server though.

Install a stock copy of Windows XP SP1 on it xD Then just go nuts.

Alex: Are you looking for an offsite to set up a server to hack?


I wasn't, but if you are offering, yes. Haha :p

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