Forum Thread: Default Gateway Connection Blocked

My school somehow blocked it's default gateway. I was wondering how they did that and if there is anyway to access it.

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Why do you think it is blocked?

Most schools buy commercial products that limit what user accounts can do.

Go to a blocked website and take note of any messages that come up, then track down the company that they are from and read their manuals.

Ok time to blue team and solve problems. #jobflashbacks

Most schools do some sort of traffic monitoring and segmentation you'll need to be aware of and explore. None of this SHOULD get you introuble, but if you have a terrible school it/infosec staff they might be super touchy and try.

You say your school blocked the gateway. This implies that you know of a gateway and are attempting to reach it with some sort of tool or traffic and cannot.

  • Is this correct in that you are aware of gateway?
  • Is this correct in that you are cannot contact/reach it in some way?

Can you elaborate on any of the information you DO know?

Substitute a network with a gateway and for your pc in your explanation if you want to stay anonymous. There are so many of these they will not be able to who you are by netblocks/gateways alone.

And yes, people can sometimes find out you're looking into these things if you give the actual info and it's specific and non-standard enough.

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