Forum Thread: Dictionary List WPA2 Connect - No wpa_supplicant

Hi All,
this is my first post there so I'd like to say warm hello to everyone.
I'm looking for a semi automated solution that:

  • Try to connects to selected WPA2 network using provided list of possible PSK (up to 20 passphases).

So far I've written a shor script that uses wpa supplicant in loop changing wpasupplicant.conf every 15sec and parsing log file.

Unfortunatelly wpa supplicant is not detecting many networks that airodump-ng provides. Log file says "No suitable network found", however airodump-ns detects the network with about -85dBm.

I've tried option ap-scan but no luck.

Problems seems to be so trivial but I couldn't find suitable tool to brute-force/dictionary WPA2 network by trying to connect to it.

Thanks for any help

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