Forum Thread: Did the Devs Really F*** Kali Up ?

I was surfing some websites and reading about the latest tools and distro's and came across a kali linux 2.0 article, after i read it i went to check the comments and found this dude saying "v.2.0 is aimed towards script kiddies and nothing more. Since the release of 2.0, the group will no longer use it. It's full of bugs, and very dangerous to professional pen testers as it will lock up during access allowing you to be traced and the devs are seemingly retarded on their knowledge of GUI code. Kali is now considered a joke among any professional team. That's why Kali has lost 30% of it's users (professionals) and Knoppix has gained that 30%" Is this True? As far as i know kali devs already patched those bugs and security flaws and to be honest am still learning and i didnt reach that really advanced phase but i know what am talking about bla bla .... Anyways i'de like to hear from OTW and Phoenix and other mates here

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In my opinion the devs f*cked everything up big time. This is exactly why i switched to Parrot and am Making a series on why everyone else should too.

Kali 1.1.0 and before were super robust pentesting distros, but Kali 2.0 is one big joke.

Join the revolution, join ParrotSec!


I need a more precise answer, Why exactly? also i tried Parrot that OS is beautiful and catching, but its still in beta and Parrot community is small besides i had some problems with it, will try it again in a month or so.

what issues?


I'm quite liking the GUI for ParrotSec, will check it out a bit more.


Also i advice that instead of focusing on obvious things you should focus on Parrot special tools etc...

isn't that exactly what i am doing? pointing out what Parrot has that Kali doesn't have?


Yea.. still using 1..

There are always issues with major updates.


I actually am using ZorinOS and installed the tools from Kali and whatnot onto, I chose this one specifically because it looks like Windows, and I really like how out of the way Window's UI is. But yeah Kali has the tools but also the bugs :/

Yeah i also checked zorinOS but i gotta ask, does it really runs all windows programs? also they are patching them since the devs team isnt big they work slowly

It runs most programs. I don't know about games since the laptop it is on I don't really game on. It seems to handle most Windows programs well.

What did you do to get Kali tools on Zorin?

I added the repositories to the sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list) and I use a package manager to skim what is there. Yes it isn't as configured as pre build ones but it is nice to customize.

Ok thanks! where can I find the repositories? Also do windows apps work pretty good on it?

Again I don't use many, but from what I have seen 90% work. Microsoft Office DOES NOT work. But Libre Office works. If you Google Kali 2 repos than the first option should be the site and have them there.

Great thanks again for the info!

I am asking not because of games but because of other softwares, like files binder etc... And I don't want to keep rebooting my kali and windows, can you try mfile binder and tell me of it works?

Look into how to use Wine. It works with most basic Windows programs out of the box, also look into basic configuration because it might be able to help.

It's apparent that Kali 2.0 has problems, but let's not all run willy nilly at other OS's. Let's go back to Kali 1.1 and wait for Kali 2.1. I'm sure Offensive Security will work out these problems.

They did some major updates since the release and patched most of the bugs, I guess its fine now

Yeah, I second you on that. Kali 2 might have its issues but let's not all just move away, Kali has older versions which are awesome. I mainly refer this website as a Kali website. Downgrading to older builds is the only option for Kali lovers

Dark Net

I think so too OTW. Am still using 1.1 and hoping that offensive security will, fix the bugs.

Has anyone checked out BlackArch ?

I think I'll install it on my existing arch install.

kali 2 is fine people like to scream and complain about all things remember kali 2 is like beta version of kali and i would give it time ! but if you realy want to test other things i would say blackarch is good.( as im gonna change my kali 2 aswell since it been crashing alot recently).

That's the problem: Offensive Security kind of rushed Kali 2.0.


They got the people hyped and shit and they couldnt just delay it

Which is exactly what they shouldn't have done: hype people. when you hype people, it will always be disappointing. the game called watch dogs is a perfect example. though it was a decent and fun game, Ubisoft overhyped it, which resulted in disappointment amongst a lot of fans. And because of this overhype, Ubisoft had to rush Watch Dogs, giving it a lot of glitches and bugs.


A gamer i see, yes they did and they fucked it, thats why valve is being discreet about half life 3

Not really a gamer. I just play games from time to time when I'm bored. Watch Dogs got my attention because it involves hacking.

btw, Half Life 3 is confirmed and will be developed by Naughty Dog ;)


I'm a gamer. Which is why I tend to disappear for a while after a major game release like Metal Gear Solid V.


The mistery is solved.

Heard that was a good one.

OMG, hackers and gamers, can't believe this shit, you guys are the best, also Hell no Half life 3 is going to get fucked, we need valve, and we need it so hard, Trust me if valve dissapoints us, steam will get fucked, also on the other hand i heard that valve is developping it but isnt saying anything so it doesnt get rushed and does what Offensive security did: Hype the people and screw up

Naughty Dog is going to develop HL3. It is pretty much confirmed here. I heard Valve already handed over the license to them.

Anyway, I'm not a gamer no. i spend my time tinkering with electronics and electricity, and hacking of course!

I once invented a wifi and phone signal scrambler. I might post it here on Null Byte.

The first prototype actually got me into trouble once. it was a 19.2 watt scrambler that interrupted with the local police station's radio. i had to pay a fine of 50 euros.


Damn, we need this asap, also how did they find you?

the problem i have with Kali 2.0 is that most of the tools are incompatible in some way. Kali 2.0 itself is stable and nice, but the tools make it crash, or the tool didn't function properly. The best example of that would be SET. i think Offensive Security didn't test it enough and kind of rushed the release. i hope Kali 2.1 makes up for Kali 2.0

Just leaving this here in case someone wants to call me a mindless bastard who says he hates Kali 2.0 just because everyone does.


I gotta agree with you about SET, its half broken, example: when you try to make a phishing page it just clones the website but leaves the index and post.php laying around in var/www/ and doesnt put them in the html folder

Hope they fix it

@d347hgun: it was a 19.2 watt wifi transmitter basically. here in belgium, i think the maximum legal power of a wifi transmitter is 2 mili watt. they traced the source of the signal (me) i suppose. fortunately, because of it's ridiculous high power, the battery emptied in less than 15 seconds, so i didn't cause too much harm with my failed experiment.

a car battery can deliver 100 ampere for 1 hour, and a car battery is 12 volt, so 12 x 100 makes 1 200 watt. with that power, i could even cause disturbances in London from my location. but there are 2 problems to this. one being that 100 ampere is a ridiculous amount of electrical current. if you see that 20 ampere can already melt wires of 1.5 mm² thick, i would need wires of probably 20 mm² thick. the second problem is that the circuit must have almost 0 electrical resistence in order for 100 ampere to flow.

anyway, i will post the schematic, blueprints, and an explanation of it sooner or later this year.


Yeah we need to know how to make this.

yes indeed, i encountered many issues with kali 2.0, but after many tweaking and updates, i install it now finally perfectly on a usb with persistence encryption only, somehow i noticed its not stable if you add another partition, for work, just keep 1 partition encrypted persistence, and all will be great,


Am running it as main OS on my computer and its just fine, They fixed everything almost

yes correct, i just parted a new EXT4, for work, and make it persistence, works fine and no issues, also i take a look on the mentioned destros, by the guys, what i dont like is thy are still not well known, second thy want to sell them !, how is that professional, thy still not that popular , and thy need the incoming to flood right away,, most powerful OS iv ever witnessed , like RHIL, and UBUNTU, Debian, ......, thy still free to public, as thy still developing, and thy need the usresr all around the world to keep testing it and use it as much as thy can, caus that will make it even stronger, only RHIL, after it became a soled state OS, thy start to commercialize it, i prefare Kali as its Debian and well known, i like all the challenges that come with it..

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