Forum Thread: How Did You Start Hacking?

Hey guys,

I know that all of you know hacking, even a little bit of it, but what inspired you to start hacking? How did you start?

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I started hacking by seeing a hindi hacking movie known as Mickey virus and then I was so inspired I started learning to program and hacking....

Well, it started as a need for free wifi. Then kali linux opened my eyes. Tools and stuff... Then, I began to learn C, Python, Perl and Assembly. Now, I have job at my crew as a chief exploiter. Life can't be any better....

The free WiFi did it for me too. Back when I'd rarely encounter WPA and WPA2. My progression was roughly the same except i started with Java and am not a chief exploiter now haha

Nice dude, congrats, And i guess we all started at Free Wifi x)

I asked my friend who does E Eng how I could learn more about how computers work. He showed me codecademy and I started the Javascript course. Then I downloaded TOR, started googling "how to become hacker", found hacking tutorials by Xeus, got Kali and followed them religiously until they started to seem outdated, then I found occupytheweb tutorials here. Hoping to learn a bunch of languages soon.

It started for me when I was nine. My school's computer, I wanted to hack it.

I started hacking facebook passwords using phishing attack when i was 14 years old. Now this method is too old. some people are smart enough they just don't click the link you send them. Then i installed Kali but i was not good at Terminal so i switched to Ubuntu. Ubuntu was difficult too then i switched to Mint. It was very easy and i just started hating it cuz it was like windows then i again switched to Ubuntu and started learning Terminal commands. Now i am using Kali and its good...

I just kinda found it interesting so I looked into it. At first it was just understanding basic security until I got to college and they were just starting bi-annual hacathons which is awesome because we learn so much in club and then we learn alot in the hackathons.

first start with some cool stuff don't directly start learning programming install kali. there are many simple hacks start doing that, when you'll start hacking people you'll gain interest in hacking and you can also root android and do some awesome stuff there like bypass android pattern for hacking...i'll recommend this video . subscribe to some hacking channels so when you'll enter youtube you'll see a lot of hacking videos daily daily try them....and most importantly work hard.. after that to get into advance level learn programming and build your own exploit.

Well, I was a C++ sucker in school. Then I wanted to learn something to piss my friends off, so I went to codecademy and learnt 3-4 languages and made a website. Then,I stumbed upon tor one day and explored it for 2-3 days and learnt quite a lot of stuffs. My next stop was at Xeus hack and from there on, there's no stopping! I analyze web apps and look for simple loopholes these days, that any average person fails to notice ;) Cheers fellow hackers

I started hacking when I use Cheat Engine to gain credits in games when I was 13 y/o.Can we call that a hack?I also tried phishing method. But, I only started to learn more about hacking when I finished my school.

I stumbled on this website and fell in love. I'm still a newbie to everything but I started learning html, I'm now in school for computer programming. Godspeed to all

first, i'm still a newbie, but i started learning cuz i always liked computers and technology since i have memory, i wanted to be a maker and a hacker; i literally use computers since i was 2 y/o, but in that time i just played some snes games in an emulator on windows 95. I never really learnt something cuz i didn't knew what i would study in college if i was going for hacking, so other areas started to interest me, like medicine, physics, psychology, and a lot more, but i was always interested in hacking more than others, so i tried to learn the most of my computer class, and then some day, some friends of mine did a joke to me in the computers lab that froze my computer, then i asked them where they learnt that, they told me on internet and seeing videos on youtube, so i started searching on internet and learnt batch then html, indeed i learnt morew than they, and every time we were on the computers lab i created viruses and little "malicious" scripts on the computers. And one day i found a youtbe channel, Techy Help, with a lot of references of sites to learn and found codecademy, and learnt css and now javascript, and a day while searching to hack a psp with linux i found this site.

It's start with cheat engine,then android rooting then phising,wifi,windows passwords,and now kali ,but still lot to learn

I also started hacking by download wifi hacking prank apk for anroid and then I used to think cmd is whole hacking tool so I learned it but I realized that it is not a hacking platform so I downloaded ubuntu then kali and I started hacking with it and I have learned html and css,c language and I'm still learning.


although for real I took online programming lessons. But i also found ways to get free apps and music and in app purchases. on my iphone.

Pretty basic shit, Ever heard of jailbreak? Cydia and shit

Okay well i started learning from when i was about 10 years old playing runescape ahahah... i know i know... anyway i had a kid trick me by saying they made it so we couldn't say our passwords backwards. It was very basic social engineering and it got me, i was young and naive. so i started learning how to take control of peoples computers using an old turkojan rat and some port forwarding. then jailbroke my first iphone and recently learned about and installed kali linux, now im looking for a python teacher in person, don't much care for codeacademy.

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