Forum Thread: Didn't Find Any Exploits for Win 8.1

I searched a lot, but I didn't find any exploits for windows 8.1. Metasploit search wasn't successfull also not the exploit database. The ones I tried were terminated by the computer right as I plugged my USB stick in. Any ideas?

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In general, Windows 8.1 is vulnerable to the same exploits as Windows 7.

Some they have, most they haven't. Most of the Windows 7 exploits are not attacks on the OS, but the apps on the OS.

I know Java signed applet works (look it up) and malicious .exe files created using msfpayload or msfvenom work fine. However both of these get picked up by AV. The java signed applet is a browser exploit, which requires getting a person to hit "run", while the .exe is (go figure) just an application they have to run. These aren't the only ones out there by a long shot, but they're the ones I've tested.

Like OTW said, lots of Windows 7 exploits work on Windows 8/8.1. I don't know what they did with the source code, but it seems like all they did was add an app store and dull the effects.

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