Forum Thread: Discussion:Specific Ways to Avoid Being a Script Kiddie for Beginners.

Hi,everyone!I am a beginner and i really want to learn and master something. When it comes the understanding of system and hacking tools,do u think reading a book such as MODERN OPERATING SYSTEMS by Andrew S. Tanenbaum is a good choice? When i learned how to use some tools,it's hard for me to find the answers such as how and why it works in details...

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Not a bad choice to begin.

Thanks,i will start to read it.

I've not seen the book you asked about, but for the sake of contribution I'll suggest the 'Guide to operating systems' by Michael Palmer and Michael Walters.

As for understanding how a tool works. You could look up open source tools that do the same job and dissect them. If that doesn't sound very appealing to you, you could search for specific documentation on that tool.


There's a difference between clicking a button and using command prompt. I've been learning how code works and how different functions do what. If you can explain what's happening then you are being a real hacker not those arrogant obnoxious idiots who yell at the top of their lungs "I AM A HACKER!!!"

Being a hacker is more of a thought process than a skill.

The greatest thing I've done in cmd is send message to all computers connected to a server(by mistake) and some navigation in the file system. If we're to rank ourselves on how much commands we know, I'd place myself on the last rank.

But that doesn't mean I see myself as a script kiddie. Because I don't see hacking as knowing commands, but rather as a thought process, philosophy or faith/religion, whatever you may call it. So, getting to know it, you can call yourself an initiated hacker, else a script kiddie.

-The Joker

Interesting assumption... I honestly don't know the difference besides you use already made programs. All hackers use Kali right? Isn't that a already made program. So isn't technically you are also a script kiddie in a way? Honestly, to add more to my response earlier, the definition of hacker is one who makes a system do something that the administrator never wanted the system to do. It's a puzzle and thinking ways of how to make the system do what you want to do. What's the difference between a script kiddie and a hacker, it's the same concept. Same with white hats, black hats, and grey hats, what's the difference they're all hackers. In the end does it really matter?

I consider that assumption to be rather flawed. There comes a point when you must use something by others.

Hacking is an art. If you can not think it, but can make exceptional pieces, I decline to call you an artist. The reason being you don't really understand the art. If you don't understand science, but can make exceptional derivations, I decline to call you a scientist. On the other hand, I'd consider you one in the very opposite case, but only initiated and not expert.

Just because that's what I see as an abstract and perfect definition.

-The Joker

my opinion is you should just be passionate about your journey here, because 'hacking' is such a wide topic and it really expands widely, so I think you should just really get into what you are doing and keep working on your methods programming languages and so on.

That's right. You can understand about hacking here while learning facts.

-The Joker

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