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This is more like a notice thingy for the users on here...

What I want to say is that ive seen a lot.. that when some noobs like me post legit questions.. idk I always see and recieve negative kudos... why this disrespect?? I mean look at my posts.. and tell me that all of em are not worth asking.. then look at the -4 kudos.. I mean really??

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Phoenix is right. Why you worry about those negative kudos.Be happy with the comments by OTW ,Ciuffy ,C2H ,C|H,phoenix and others.There are many experts here to help you. But one thing ,before making a post google your questions. If you fail then make a post on Null byte.

I agree with Phoenix. If you can't find anything good on Google then come here asking and describing what you found if anything

Ok then you tell me... pheonix posted where to learn python.. cant you get that on google like too easy?? And he aint got no negative kudos...

He was asking for our opinion of the best place to learn Python. A lot of your questions needed facts. We are all happy to help but you could have gotten the answers a LOT faster by just googling them.

yes absolutely!! You're completely right. Some pple get away with asking whatever they want whether or not they can google it by themselves. It seems like certain pple on here want to pick fights or down vote just to be jerks as if they know everything there is to know. This is a forum where pple should be able to ask advice from. PERSONAL advice. I got you. Ignore the know it all haters. Pple are very quick to pick on the posts that are easy targets, yet when someone asks a legit question.....crickets

If I may, as a couple of things have been troubling me..

As pheonix and the others have stated, a lot of the time it appears to me that you lack the effort to try research things yourself. Multiple occasions have I played this game where I would literally google your question as you word it, and 90% of the time, I have found something of use.

Pheonix wrote an article asking how to delete a draft write up, something which has no relevance, and received kudos for it, surely that is an indicator that kudos is unimportant.

Im sure you are a fantastic person, and you're eager to try these things, which is incredible, but to me near to every one of your questions is essentially asking how can I reach prison in the quickest time possible, and that is what will happen if you suppress your knowledge down to just clicking execute on an attack. Out of curiosity, these tools that you ask for help with and implemented (<=good), how many have you actually looked at the scripts for? And do you read man pages?

Despite being told yourself to research prior to submitting, you often have the nerve to tell others to google prior to posting, often ended with a triple period (...) which to me just seems condescending and disrespectful in itself. And to top it all off, when someone is kind enough to help you to a two part question, its very rare there is a thank you, and more commonly you state; "Wheres my answer to the second part I posted?...".

As everyone has said buddy, no disrespect is intended from this, and I hope you stick around, if English is not your first language, im sure no one would complain if you write what you can in English, then paraphrase in your native language if you struggle with wording. Im sure someone would be kind enough to translate so we can all offer input as we see fit.

Are you here for Kudos or to legitimately learn Information Security?
I don't recall this being a a ask Jeeves forum.
I am personally starting to feel like this is a romper room in training.
I would assume Phoenix gives good answers to rhetorical questions and his rep is going up, perhaps.
I would hope this is a cycle WHT is going thru and will peak again soon.
I digress because I fail to understand the model we are using now and the cause and effect from said model.

P.S. How many more posts like this will be made about feelings, due respect oh and code of conduct?

Its rare to see a decent post on here nowadays it seems, it is turning into a black hat : I know nothing but my mrs may be cheating on me forum, or like you say, an ask jeeves forum.

I am seriously hoping it picks up again soon.

I'm confident this is going to pass soon.
Signs of growt! But people still have to understand the identity of this forum.

I agree with everything you stated, CyberHitchHiker.


Exactly 42 more. Have a Kudos!

Honestly, I've never downvoted you, and the fact that I sometimes don't answer is just that I can't keep up with it, but would love to go in depth with many of your questions.

However, one thing you should never forget: if somebody else thinks for you, you never learn. Always try to ask as less as possibile. Asking many times, even though comprehensible and appreciated, may be interpreted as not willing to study. I guess that in your case, you just want to be part of the community, which is great.

But please, don't attack other users if things don't turn well with you. Those who are brave enough to answer and take the responsibility of the info they share should never be trated like that.

Also, an advice to all the users out there: Internet had untold rules radicated in modern society. Always do your best to have a correct grammar and clean writing, as it is very easy to misunderstand sometimes.

I have to agree with Ciuffy, as well.

It is important to me and Null Byte that newbies feel safe here, but I also believe that one needs to learn how to learn. The vast majority of your questions could be answered by a cursory review of Google searches. You seem to think that these people here on Null Byte have nothing better to do that answer your questions. With almost 2 million people passing through Null Byte every month, if each of them asked as many questions as you, it would be overwhelming. I think you have been treated very well considering how many questions you have asked and their nature.

If you EVER expect to become a hacker, you will need to study and learn on your own. Questions here should be a last resort when no other avenue is available. Almost every question I have seen of your could have been answered by querying Google and reading the results.

I have some suggestions regarding posting in nullbyte

When anyone start a thread it comes directly on the homepage whether it's a tutorial or some newbies like me asking questions which may be we can find find easily by googling.

what i am suggesting is that there should be a special section dedicated for newbies questions.

There is always going to be new people coming in.So it will be really great if there will be a separate section for questions.....

Ok well.. ill stick to learning.. no kudos for me..

Kudos doesn't matter. At all.

It's simply a reward system to make you feel good, just like how you 'earn credits' for each day that you log in.

Similar to video game achievements; it's just to help bring people back and keep people playing, that's all.

If you feel like someone has legitimately disrespected you, then I'm certain someone here will defend you. However, we're not here to babysit you, that's just tedious and draining.

We're here for the same reasons as you, to learn, contribute, help the community grow as a whole. But to continually answer the exact same questions? Questions that can easily be solved with literally a few seconds on Google or even using the search bar at the top? I mean, this question that you asked here is a prime example.

OTW already wrote an article on choosing a WiFi adapter here, yet people still ask the exact same question time and time again.

All it took for me to find those articles with a wealth of information was typing "wifi adapter cheap" into the search bar up the top.

So I kind of feel it's understandable that we get tired of answering the exact same question over and over when the person asking is putting in no effort into finding the answer themselves.


And that is your answer, given from 4 of the longest serving members, the admin, one of the most active (i like you phoenix, you're gonna go far kid), and now from the worlds most consistent lurker, (I'll start contributing one of these days).

Null-byte is unique in that not only is there access to a tutor that would normally for a variety of reasons, be incredibly difficult to gain access to study under, a literal wealth of information, and a fairly supportive community; It is literally a place that encorages you to reach towards your full potential. Yes theres support if you require it, but you should of at least attempted to find the answer your self, WHY? because you'll learn more from finding it yourself.

I'm just saying when people are down voting things to be mean spirited it's hurtful. Hackers have very big egos because they're smart and they know they're smart. People prepare their work cause they're excited to share their knowledge so when you're getting down voted you take it personal. It's like presenting something before a class room of people and have them boo you. I'm not necessarily talking about this post, just in general. I just want everyone to be nice to each other and not try and make other pple feel dumb. I think everyone here is nice. Everyone's just competitive I think.

never worried about KUDOS.If you got answers for your questions here then what?

I have a slightly different perspective than some people on here. I understand some people are more sensitive than others and there's nothing wrong with that. Sensitive pple are sweet. Also, I agree with PP that hackers have big egos because they're smart. I think that hackers expect you to meet a certain standard and sorta prove yourself. Let's face it...attractive pple are a dime a dozen but true intelligence is near unheard of lol. I think that the pple of null byte just want the community to maintain a certain standard and not necessarily beaning mean spirited. Hackers self police themselves, and not many other communities or industries do that and I think it's a good thing because it makes you better. No disrespect to anyone. It's a good thing to express the way you feel so everyone sorta knows where you're coming from.

"I think that hackers expect you to meet a certain standard and sorta prove yourself."

That's it 100%. Its like - what you know? who you know? how you know? where you go? I never saw you b4, leave my world now.

I think, all in all, that people should not expect us to hold their hands the entire way. You need to learn to stand on your own. Of course, if you fall down and can't get back up we'll help you, but other than that; figure it out for yourself.

Problem solving is very important, and it's a skill that is sorely lacking in society today.


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