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i feel like we need to be able to have a distributed computing on here for free to low cost (that could go into the forums to make it better) we all have a BA rig with i-5 and i-7 and i know that i not use my computer every day so i'm willing to help out other people with there projects that they are doing as long as it will not hurt my computer (such as hacking my pc) or hurting the forum. (ddos and such/faking accounts) if the admins want to do this ill help out comment if you would help out to.

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+1 i would also like to help people out there who can't afford good pc build, we can do it for free, or at very low cost, for example, for password cracking! Also, this feature in NullByte will farm fame for the forum!

I think this would have a lot of gray areas, especially when it comes to new members using these services to DDoS others.

If you want, you could make your own distributed computing website and get individual members to sign up and "share" their computers.

We can make it only limited to hash cracking, so the only needed regulations/steps, are you giving me the hash, with the rules you want, and the password expectations (such as: 6 digita only or....), i crack it on my machine, and give you the result! Nothing dangerous (as much as i know!)

Also, instead of specifing a price or making it fully free, we can make it "pay what you want" system!

I'm not with the idea of making a website, because i don't have the complete skillset to make my own very secure site, also, i want to make this system only for the nullbyte guys! Maybe you will say that people out nullbyte will just make an account, and use me yo crack his hash, but we can defeat that by putting rules, dor example, the one who wants to usethis service, has to have 3 howtos that are new or really useful, or 3 useful posts, or instead of that, he must give a new idea for the nullbyte website! like this idea (distributed computing). In addition to that, his account must be (1-3) months old (we can specify later).

Null Byte is a white hat forum, what use would these services be for a white hat?


There are online penetration testing servers/labs that are specified for training, such as offensive security labs, its network has hashes that needs to be cracked.

Also, maybe the agent setuped a big lab himself, and wants to hack it, so he may find hashes on the lab network to crack!

An easy example is wpa cracking, the agent may want to ensure that he used a strong password, so he gives us the hash to check its strength by cracking it! This applies to every password, such as rar files, wordpress....

And maybe there are possibilities that i don't know, or don't hit my mind now!

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