Forum Thread: How Do I Access My Windows Partition After Installing Kali Linux (Dual-Boot)?

I installed Kali Linux and I'm fairly new to all this. I have lot of tutorials in my other partition. Can anyone tell me how do I access it?

-Partition type - Basic data
NTFS — Not Mounted
What I basically want is- I want to be able to access my regular harddisk while using Kali.
Sorry if I asked a noob question. I'm a newbie

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When you installed Kali did you included the GRUB?

yes I did

I always get errors when trying to mount an NFTS Windows partition from a Linux distro.

I have never had any problem accessing a windows partition. The only problem that I had was when I removed Linux, and had to restore the boot sector to windows control. I have used Ubuntu Mint for the last 10 years.

Solved. There was a tut on howtogeek on how to mount windows on linux and it worked.

You can mount windows on linux by turn off (Turn on fast startup) in control panel. Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do :)

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