Forum Thread: Do Anyone of You Know How to Get Rid of Online Surveys?

Do anyone of you know how?

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That's very vague.


I think surveys are parts of the web site form... that's wrote in the code, isn't that?

Probably the only way possible would be simulate the website informations sent to whatever service the survey is blocking you from, but that's just an idea.

Some ways are explained here:
But I guess you've already checked it out. Are you talking about a specific service?

Thanks guys, but I still can't get the download link. I want to skip the survey and download the file.

I found the download link and tried to add the value from the var "file id" at the end of the link.

And this was the result.

Do you know some scripts that would solve this?

Just some things I noticed that could help people with more knowledge (correct me if I'm wrong):

-This is javascript is that? I noticed the value surveyClicked=false, could it be changed with a javascript vulnerability, in terms of code injection?

-If you could copy the javascript code and the references in a page uploaded in your website, could it work or it's just no sense (I guess the download is from an external mirror, but just saying)

-It is asking for authentication, could the problem be something like the encryption of the request?
I'm not a javascript expert, so you got the point.

You should find out where the DownloadURL variable is used.

EDIT: I retake everything. Found some downloaders but they are just obvious viruses. Also, I heard people talking about survey scams.

Thanks for the great info Ciuffy. No need to post about cleanfiles. I believe in you. And actually it is a suspicious site anyway. I just tried the methods from wikihow with that site. Everything you comment was a big help

Bro, survey for download sites are called circle jerks. They will never give you the file or password needed but you can do surveys all day long if you like.

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