Forum Thread: How Do I Connect to a Device When Using a Reverse Shell?

Is Lhost the IP adress I want my target machine to connect to? If so how do I what command do I use to target the machine I want in the first place. I would imagine that without my target machine's IP address I wouldn't be able to redirect it anyhow. Someone please explain to me Reverse shell, more specifically Lhost and how do I connect to my target machine.

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LHOST is your IP, when the target device open your exe, you will get MP session and you can execute commands.
I hope I'm right, because I am not pro in this field.

LHOST stands for Local Host. The way reverse TCP works is your machine acts as a server (so to speak) and the victim machine acts as a client. When you set up the LHOST parameter on your payload the victim machine will know which IP address it needs to connect to in order to give you a meterpreter sessions (or any other payload within the reverse TCP category) RHOST stands for Remote Host and most reverse TCP payloads do not require you to set that up. You most likely won't need to know the IP address of the victim machine when using the reverse TCP parameter, since that machine will connect to you.

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