Forum Thread: How Do I Delete My Dual Booted Kali Linux?

I installed Kali Linux on my laptop, but I decided I wanted to remove it so I deleted the partition it used, and then extended my hard drive to take up the unallocated space. The only problem I'm facing now is that Kali Linux is still in my boot menu and whenever I boot it, it enters rescue mode.

So, my question remains... How do I delete my dual booted Kali Linux?

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For Windows:
You will need to create a recovery drive.

Take a USB, plug it in and search in the searchbar for Create a Recovery Drive. Unselect the copy system files options and click next. Select the USB drive and click create. All data will be erased from the USB .

Restart your PC and boot from the drive.
Select Repair from the bottom left corner. Choose Troubleshoot and select Command Prompt.
Type :
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
Restart and pull out the USB. You should be booted directly into Windows with no GRUB interface.

For another Linux distro:
You only have to update GRUB:

If none of the above work, check to see if you can still use the GRUB menu to boot your other OS and if you can, leave it as it is and just don't boot into kali.

I hope I helped! Have a nice day.

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