Forum Thread: How to Do DOS Attack on Router.

I have tried DOS attack in the network on various PC's at a time.
It works Fine. By arp spoof
But when i try to do it on the router it doesn't work. i want to do DOS
on the whole network. I think the router is highly configured to prevent DOS, hence m not succeding in doing DOS on it.
I also read several articals on DOS attack in null bytes, they work fluent
on specific victim but don't work against the Router.
Please help.. My exams are approaching (CEH).. and i have to do this before the exams.

Thanks in Advance.

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Router? I don't know but, hub/switch, then maybe I can help. I used to do this once but it was only for fun, jamming the CS lab's internet connection. How I do it (note: I only do this for fun and did it only ONCE):

  1. Fire up Kali
  2. Find the IP of the hub/switch by using traceroute (The IP needed is the 1st or the 2nd one, mine was
  3. nmap it. You better know which port the test is going to use, my case was port 80 HTTP
  4. SYN flood it. Simple, hping3 -c 9999999999999 -d 999999999999 -i u1 --rand-source -S --flood --(the parament for destination port) 80

It worked great. Every machine connected to it got zero access to the Internet. It takes around 30 second for things to go back to normal.

Hopefully the tech support of your school think you guys are all dumb about this topic. Or else..... Good luck mate

can you give a example of syntax.. m getting some errors.

Please reply fast D4NNY..
please give a example of the syntax..
m getting some errors while trying, my exams are near. i can waist time

As he said it, hping3 -c 100000 -d 300 -i u1 --rand-source -S --flood -p 80 [Router IP]
packet size and number doesn't have to be That high however

Thanks, got it.
it works too fast. i tried this on my own router..

But will this work on the router or switch where i am going to answer the exam, because it is highly secured and prevented from such DOS attacks.The scenario will be different from the DOS attack i tried at my home. Please tell

And really appreciate your help. both mates

@NE-PY i was doing a SYN flood and Ping-Of-Death at the same time. The count was for long-duration attacking

i tried doing as you said.. but doesn't work.

They have sonic wall firewall. I also searched on internet how sonic wall works but couldn't find anything important except basic things which i already know.

How could i bypass it to do DOS attack.

SonicWall? Crap....I'm still a noob and script-kiddy, mate, but glad I can help you a bit. Talk to me

I am not on FB DannyAshers. we can talk here.

Ok.. thanks a lot bro..

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