Forum Thread: How Do I Find the Right Exploit and Payload for Windows10?

Hi there, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I have two computers, one powerful main PC with windows10 home 64bit and one not so powerful laptop with kali linux on it. I pretty much know the basics to navigate and use the terminal(shell?). Now, I also got a little into metasploit. Now I want to try to do something with it, I want to get any form of controll over my windows10 PC by using an exploit.

There is my problem. For a few hours now, I am trying to install some exploits on my system, but metasploit just wont detect them. Everyone says, to put the exploits in the .smf4/modules/exploits directory, but there only is a .smf5. I put it in there, but it didnt work. And I havent found any up to date tutorials that worked.

So, first, how do I install an exploit, correctly?

Second, does anyone know a very basic exploit that works with windows 10? This is basicly the first time I try that, so it shouldnt go that deep, just to get a feeling for it.


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2) You won't find active exploits for your machine....If you have left Windows Update on ON, then there is a HUGEEEE chance that Microsoft has patched the vulnerabilities on your OS. If you want to experiement with exploits, create a VM with Windows XP. Microsoft has stopped the updates on that version and there are quite a lot of exploits, so good luck ;) .

3) --> That's where you are going to find the latest VULNERABILITIES, published by microsoft for testing. (NOT Exploits!!! You can find though on this forum great tutorials on how to create exploits based on such bulletins.

4)> It's a db of exploits. Whatever you find there, won't probably work on the latest OS (With latest updates installed), because.....Patches :(

You are welcome :)

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