Forum Thread: How do I get India to stopping email spamming me?

I have been bombarded with spam emails from anyone and everyone, and I'm okay with that, but recently some folks in India have gotten a hold of my email address and have been spamming me 5-10 times each day, usually just minutes apart. My spam filter does not catch most of these for some reason. Here are just the five most recent spam example addresses:

  • Loan Department <>
  • injury advocates <>
  • LumineersBeautifulSmile <>
  • Ceramic Cookware <>
  • University of Phoenix <>

I am now putting a block against all email addresses from .in, but I'm wondering if there's a way to get these people to just stop, or to find out exactly who is spamming me exactly. It's got to be the same people, just with different fake email addresses. Probably had some malware on my computer that sent out my address to everyone in India with a computer and web connection. Dammit.

I guess I'd like to see a post explaining how spam email works, how to delete it, if reporting it to the FTC or an ISP is even worth it, how to find out who it is, how to prevent it, combat it, and how to spam those f***ers back (if possible). Also, should clicking on "unsubscribe" be a good or bad idea? I don't trust it.


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3 Responses

I know a magic spell but it requires a chicken.

Problem is spammers either simply fake the email address or use the services of a compromised mail server to spread their vile around. Reporting it to the ISP will prob not do you much good.

On that note blocking addresses directly will not be very effective. I have a great link for you, ill dig it out.

Truthfully... I just don't like losing. I feel like this is me in last place.

I would appreciate that link. And that magic spell, too.

A simple fix would be to get a new email address if there isn't too much of importance on the previous. 

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