Forum Thread: How Do Hackers Get Caught?

I have recently watched this video and almost every time they get caught and go to prison. I don't understand how that is possible if they don't use their own IP, etc.

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I think that most of these arrests are not done through technology alone. Whenever we act (independently of the nature of the act) we leave crumbs behind. Also, each one of us has his own patterns in life because each one of us has his own preferences. Also, i don't thin that these people where arrested few days or weeks after one of their crimes. Bit by bit, (crumb by crumb if i might) the NSA, FBI, CIA, interpol and more developed their profiles, knowledge, connected the traces thus closing the web on their prey. Also, never forget we humans are vain and looking for approbation so we brag, particularly when we feel good or safe. We think we can always overpower our adversary. All these factors lead to our demise.

Sometimes all it takes is good old fashioned detective work.


iv not been caught yet

Key word.. YET

certainly not ghost, that is actually quite insulting. I have, however, only used exploits that others have found and documented. I am still working on building up my programming skills more than trying to find flaws in other peoples coding. Pretty much everything I know on this subject comes from a handful of books. (The art of Exploitation, Gray hat hacking, The web application hackers handbook, Network Forensics (by Jonathan Ham and Sherri Davidoff) and a few other books)

Owen Sutherland:

Good to hear, keep up the good work.


It is in my humble opinion and in now way do I make any reference to any one religious belief nor am I a philosopher nut I have heard the term, "Pride go-eth before the fall

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