Forum Thread: How Do I Make a System Vulnerable

So if you were to have RDP access to an admin account on a system, how would you make the system vulnerable so that you can log into it from metasploit on kali? I looked for ways to log into rdp via Metasploit but didnt see any.

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I forgot to mention that it's a windows 2003 server, i dont remember what service pack

If you have admin account on RDP, what more do you need? You already own that system!

I agree. Teh question is confusing. Sounds like you need to move to post exploit phase.

is it your own testlab ?

Thats what i was looking for, a way to control the system using the login credentials. I was doing metasploit using armitage since i'm still a newbie at this and it makes it easier, but when i scanned the system it wouldnt let me log in.

Netcat, psexec (as Imadmenam reported), Cryptcat and Meterpreter are always good ways to go, if Backdooring is what you were looking for.

"Vulnerable" is confusing, theoretically you didn't even exploit any vulnerability, and if you have RDP access, well that's it.

As Suggested by Dhilvani, if you are studying in your own tests laboratory, these infos are enough.
Did you find what you were looking for?

Well i wanted a way to just be able to access the system through metasploit to make controlling it easier.

Use the psexec exploit, then.

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